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As the world gets ever more connected remote working and cloud computing are becoming more commonly used by individuals and businesses across the country and the world.

It is therefore important to the development of your business that you have the right level of connectivity.  We can provide a range of connectivity solutions to meet your business needs, including:

Business broadband

We can provide broadband to your business premises to improve internet connection speeds through an ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) broadband service on your existing business lines or by ordering additional lines.

Business fibre

When an ADSL broadband service is not delivering fast enough internet connection speeds we can upgrade your business to a business fibre service if you are connected to a fibre-enabled exchange.

Leased lines

Sometimes a shared internet connection is not enough.  For businesses that rely on high speed connectivity, we can provide a 1Gbps dedicated leased line with a 100% SLA (Service Level Agreement).  This comes with a financially backed guarantee to assure you of the connection reliability.

IPVPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network)

Our IPVPN service provides your business with a secure, wide area network that links up multiple business sites.  This service offers complete visibility and control of the performance of your business traffic across the network, while services can be prioritised to ensure all your services perform efficiently.  This means that if you have people working from multiple sites, they can all be connected to, and work from, one centralised network improving the productivity and connectivity of your teams.

Line of sight

If your business operates from multiple buildings on one site and requires connectivity between them, then our line of sight solutions are the perfect fit.  We are able to install the equipment on your site and network your buildings together without expensive cable installations.

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