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Security and protection

No matter what the size of your business or what industry you work in, your computer systems are at risk.

Risks come in many forms but the most common and most damaging are:

  • Cyber-attacks from hackers looking access personal and company data.
  • Virus data corruption or data loss.
  • Your staff who, whether accidentally or deliberately, can delete, move or lose data resulting in lost time, revenue and reputation.

We understand the importance of securing your critical data and provide a wide range of security services including:

Organisational policies

Organisational policies are essential within a business when it comes to communicating the processes you adopt to secure your company data.  We can help you prepare tailored policies for your business which will help your staff understand their responsibilities in protecting your critical data and, where required, we will apply these policies on the devices they use.

Device encryption

A single lost device can mean sensitive data is exposed and can be accessed by third parties.  By implementing encryption on devices you can be assured that if the device is lost, the data remains safe thus protecting you and your business.


Having effective antivirus software installed is essential to ensuring that your data is protected.  With online threats on the increase, businesses need to take precautions to combat these threats.  If a virus was to enter your computer network, not only can it access all of the data stored on your systems, including business details, passwords and pin numbers, but it can also be a nuisance, making your computers extremely slow and affecting your business’ productivity as a result.

We are partnered with leading antivirus suppliers and can help you implement antivirus products across your business so that all your devices, including smart phones and tablets, are fully protected.

Antispam – junk email filtering

Constantly receiving spam emails is not only frustrating but can also be a security risk to your computer systems.  This is due to an increasing number of spam emails containing viruses or other harmful malware.

Setting up a spam filter will help reduce the amount of spam emails coming through to your mail server whilst still allowing legitimate emails to come through to your inbox.  A spam filter will not just help reduce the amount of junk emails entering your inbox, it will also give you the ability to see what emails are coming in to your business and monitor which email addresses receive the most spam.

We can implement an effective spam filter that will not only filter out email viruses but will also allow you to see the exact times you receive spam emails meaning you can identify any trends, or repeat offenders, which could indicate whether there are any spam domains you should be blocking from being able to contact you altogether.

Cyber Essentials Scheme

David Allen IT Solutions complies with the requirements of the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

The proactive approach of the David Allen IT Solutions team is second to none. The constant monitoring of our systems to ensure optimum performance means they can be working on an issue, or even have a resolution in place, before we realise there is a problem.... read more

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