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It’s a great time to be an Equity Investor

Yesterday morning I attended a breakfast seminar held by the prominent fund management group Invesco Perpetual.

Invesco Perpetual run a number of such seminars at various locations around the UK including Carlisle; yesterday’s event was the first of 2012.

These seminars are always very informative and this particular event was no exception; focusing on the wider economy from a UK and international perspective.

The speaker, Neal Bailey, covered many issues concerning both financial advisers and investors which included the difficulties of the Eurozone, issues affecting the UK and what the next few months have in store for the rest of the world including the USA & China.

Video interviews with a number of Invesco Perpetual’s top fund managers, including Neil Woodford, gave their perspective on how the problems within the Eurozone would develop and whether the Euro would remain intact. John Greenwood (Chief Economist at Invesco Perpetual) believes that the Euro will survive but possibly without Greece and Portugal, however we may not see any form of resolution for at least two years.

There was a strong message delivered during the seminar, in that shares currently offer good value and investing in the right companies can provide good investment returns. As Nick Mustoe (Chief Investment Officer) said “it’s a great time to be an equity investor”.

Some investors are nervous about investing in stock markets but with interest rates at an all time low it’s the right time for us, as independent financial advisers to help individuals design an investment strategy that’s right for them.

Derek Baty

Posted: January 18th, 2012

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