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Know Your Neighbour Networking – Final Journey

Yesterday evening (Wednesday 2 July) I attended the Know Your Neighbours networking event which was held at the Hallmark Hotel Carlisle.  Simon Richardson of Keyishoes hosted the event and the speaker for the evening was Tracy LazonbImagey of Final Journey.

During the evening guests were able to mingle and chat with the other attendees, introducing themselves and catching up, while enjoying the refreshments and biscuits kindly provided by the Hallmark Hotel.

I had a sneak preview of the subject of Tracy’s talk as when I arrived there was a large bamboo coffin in the room!  Tracy Lazonby of Final Journey is a funeral arranger and started her business in April this year.  She began her talk by giving a personal and emotional explanation of why she started her business.  Planning a funeral obviously comes at a very difficult time, we sometimes end up getting carried away and not really think about what we actually want.  It is only after the funeral when looking at what we have paid for that we may think “why did I have that?”.  Tracy helps you plan a funeral in exactly the way you want it, you are not forced to do it in any particular way and you will not have services just added on automatically.

Her talk was really interesting and highlighted that you can plan a funeral in a personal way which should be a celebration of life. To find out more about Tracy’s business Final Journey visit her website

Know Your Neighbours’ next event will be on the first Wednesday in September at the Hallmark Hotel.

Joanna Seminara

Posted: July 3rd, 2014

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