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Know Your Neighbour

Yesterday evening (4 December 2013) we attended the Know Your Neighbour networking event which is held on the first Wednesday of each month at Premier Inn J44.  It is organised by Dave Martin of Lloyds Motors.  This was my first time attending and we soon found that it was quite a few other people’s first time attending as well.

Upon arrival everyone was able to introduce themselves and speak with the other attendees before enjoying a delicious buffet provided by the hotel.

The speaker for the evening was Kris Williams who is the Headteacher of James Rennie School in Carlisle.  The school is a specialist communication and interaction college and teaches children between 3-18 with varying degrees of disability.  He explained how they teach the children and the different methods they have to use to ensure the children are learning and can reach their potential.  His presentation was really interesting and enlightening as I did not realise they have to teach the same curriculum as mainstream schools.

Kris gave an excellent and inspirational presentation and showed just how important the school is and the children’s education in preparing them for life outside of the school.

I will be attending again at the next meeting in January 2014.

Joanna Seminara

Posted: December 5th, 2013

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