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Know Your Neighbours networking

David Allen

ImageOn Wednesday 3 December I attended the final Know Your Neighbours networking meeting of the year.  The meeting was held at The Hallmark Hotel with an opportunity for the attendees to chat and mingle with one another enjoying refreshments kindly provided by the hotel before settling down for the guest speaker.

This month’s guest speaker was Michelle Moore, trustee of Tic Toc UK, a new fundraising group in Carlisle which was set up to raise funds for publically accessible defibrillator machines in the Carlisle area.  The aim is to have a defibrillator accessible to the local in order to reduce the number of deaths resulting from cardiac arrests.  Michelle gave us some facts and figures on cardiac arrests and it was quite shocking to find out just how low the percentage for survival is using only CPR and no defibrillator.  Michelle, along with fellow trustee Helen McKenzie, gave us an interesting demonstration on how a defibrillator actually works showing us how easy it is to use.

Tic Toc UK is hopefully on the verge of obtaining charitable status which will be a massive achievement for them.  To find out more or for information on how you can help go to

I look forward to the next Know Your Neighbours meeting in January 2015.

Joanna Seminara

Posted: December 5th, 2014

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