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Leanne’s half marathon update – Leeds and Sheffield

Leanne (centre) and the team in Sheffield

Sunday saw us take part in our fifth half marathon, half way into our challenge.  We were supposed to be all running the Leeds half marathon, but there were some issues with the registration for 3 of us, so in the end, 3 of our team ran in the Sheffield half marathon and the other 3 in the Leeds half marathon.  Luckily these were both on the same day and we are still on track for completing all 10.

The rest of the team in Leeds

The sun was shining as we made our way down to Sheffield.  With the weather being a bit hit and miss the week before, I was hoping for rain, as a hot day would make running unbearable.  Luckily, the weather was dry but not too hot as we took to the start line.

We set off from the Don Valley Stadium and the route was mixed, there were a few hills and areas of flat too, which meant that we could hope for a decent time.  Just as we were leaving the stadium, we all seemed to bottle neck going through the exit tunnel and we hoped that it wasn’t a sign of things to come.

Nevertheless, we got out of the stadium safely and made our way round the course. The atmosphere was good and some of the locals had come out along the route and were offering us jelly babies, there were also a few bands playing, which made the run a bit easier.

Just as we finished and made our way back to the car, the heavens opened and the rain seemed to set in for the rest of the afternoon.  We were lucky with our 9am start time and that we didn’t have to get soaked like our previous outing in Edinburgh.

For the other 3 that took part in the Leeds half marathon, they set off at a similar time, but their route was more hilly and similar to the Edinburgh run only a month before.  Again, the rain held off until after they had finished running.

All in all, we all got round safely wherever we were running, but the heat is now on to be ready for our next one, less than 3 weeks away in Stranraer.  Although a few of us are battling with minor injuries and blisters, we are all determined to carry on with our challenge and make it to October and the Cumbrian Run.

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Posted: May 16th, 2013

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