Lely Milk Robot Open Day
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Lely Milk Robot Open Day

On Saturday, Craig and I went to a Lely open day at a farm in Westlinton, near Longtown where they have recently installed 2 Lely Astronauts A3 and 3 Lely Astronauts A4. 

The farm where it was held currently milk 250 – 300 cows, the cows have now got used to the robot which is incredible.  It was astonishing to see how the robot works with the cow – if the cow walks forward or backwards a step the unit moves with it.  The robot recognises if the cow has already been milk within the time period and the gate re-opens to let the cow out.

In the farmers shed, there was a Lely Luna Cow Brush where the cows brush themselves against it if they have got an itch or wants to relax.

Also, there was a Lely Discovery barn cleaner which is a machine that scrapes the cubicles in the shed.

All the equipment was fascinating to watch.

Emma Thomlinson

Posted: September 3rd, 2012

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