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Morning Prayer at Carlisle Cathedral in the presence of Her Majesty’s Judge of the High Court of Jus

I was kindly invited by James Carr, the High Sheriff of Cumbria to attend the Judge’s Service at Carlisle Cathedral on Monday 1 November.

The service was accompanied by the Cathedral Choir, singing under the direction of the Master of the Music, Mr Jeremy Suter and assisted by the Assistant Organist, Mr Edward Taylor.

The Dean received the Mayor of Carlisle, Mary Stythe and the Clerk and Chief Executive who, with the Sword and Mace bearers proceeded to the stalls.

The highlight of the service for me was when the Rt Rev’d John Richardson, Chaplain to the High Sheriff of Cumbria addressed the congregation.

It is no surprise to anyone to learn that I am passionate about the countryside so when the Rev’d started to talk about Brown Trout Fishing in Scotland, my attention was hooked.

He spoke about ‘attractor’ and ‘imitator’ flies; how the ‘attractor’ fly is magnificent and glorious in colour, making their presence known by sending out shockwaves to attract their prey. The ‘imitator’ fly is more subdued and bland, comfortably blending into the background. The Rev’d then made reference to all present by comparing the Judges Procession to the ‘attractor’ flies and the congregation to the ‘imitator’ flies… an analogy that made me chuckle to myself.

Whilst I am not a regular attendee at such functions I found this to be very worthwhile and enjoyed networking with members of the diocese and congregation following the service.

David Allen

Posted: November 8th, 2010

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