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New Blood captures BBU northern area title

On Saturday 22 September two boxers from my club were once again in action. We travelled to Southport to headline the show for The Jab Fight Club.

The first boxer in action was Jordan (pictured on the right) who has only been training for 8 weeks and had a very tough opponent who has previously had 5 bouts and been training for almost 2 years.  Jordan gave a good account of himself but the experience of his opponent proved too much and Jordan lost on points, however he has learned a lot from the experience and there will be a rematch once he has had some more experience.

The second boxer in action was Mickey Nolan who was the main event of the night and was challenging for the BBU Super Middleweight Northern Area title.  Mickey was against a tough southpaw (left handed boxer) and has never fought a southpaw before so the first round was like a game of chess with each boxer testing the water and gauging the other.

The second round was lively and both boxers were looking to show their intent and control the bout.  Mickey landed some heavy shots in this round and had his opponent reluctant to get involved.  The third round saw Mickey step up the pace and control the fight even more and this looked to be how the fight would continue throughout the round and into the fourth and final round.  However with 45 seconds left in the third round there was an unfortunate accidental clash of heads (this is always a danger when an orthodox fighter is against a southpaw).  Mickey was fine but his opponent had a deep cut on his head which meant he could not continue and Mickey was declared the winner and new BBU Super Middleweight Champion.  His opponent James Turner wants to challenge for the belt at our Carlisle show in February so that is sure to be an explosive bout as both men will be looking to see what would have happened if the bout had went the distance.  Mickey now has a record of 4 wins and 2 losses (his record since joining New Blood Martial Arts is 4 wins and 1 loss).  Mickey will be in action on 20 October 2012 at the Cage Carnage event in Carlisle where he will look to avenge his only loss as a New Blood fighter against Jordan Holmes of Workington.

David Scott
Business Software Specialist

Posted: September 24th, 2012

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