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New Blood take over at Battle in the Borders

On Saturday night I attended at an evening of mixed martial arts at Hawick called battle in the borders 2.  I took a team of 3 fighters up to the event to compete along with 25-30 supporters.  The event was well organised and attracted a great crowd who were all there to enjoy themselves and cheer on the local fighters.

The event attracted fighters from all over the country including Carlisle, Manchester, Newcastle and London which meant the level of competition was extremely high.  It was a fantastic opportunity not only to compete, but also make new contacts and mingle with different clubs from around the country.

My first fighter up was Luke Tweddle – a 17 year old who has only been training around 9 months and his opponent was a local who had the experience of a boxing bout in the past, but Luke was not fazed by the situation at all.  After a good effort by both parties Luke moved into the triangle position, rolled onto his back and locked it in to win by tap out in 1 minute and 40 seconds of the first round.

Our second fighter of the night was Ryan McKie, his opponent was a local policeman and very popular with the crowd.  Again Ryan is a first time fighter and was not fazed by the pressure of 600 locals wanting him to lose.  This action packed bout was won when Ryan attempted a Kimura submission which he then switched into an arm bar submission to force his opponent to tap out 2 minutes into the second round.

The third fighter representing my club was Lee Richardson with 5 previous fights undefeated since he started training at New Blood Martial Arts.  Lee was the third last fight of the night so was under pressure to make it 3-0 for the New Blood team.  His opponent was again a popular local who was also a fireman.  When Lee entered the cage it was like entering the lion’s den as the entire crowd booed.  The venue erupted when his opponent entered the cage and it was clear to see that this was who 90% of the crowd were here to see.  The first round started with both fighters looking strong and looking to control the fight.  In the later stages the crowd were on their feet as they thought this is where the local fighter would dominate.  However this was not the case as Lee quickly ended the fight with a text book arm bar in the second minute of the second round.

I am proud of all 3 fighters, they all put in a lot of hard work in the build up to the fight and it paid off for them. I was also impressed with the level of sportsmanship shown by every fighter as they all hugged their opponent and shook hands with all the coaches after each bout.

The club I run is a not for profit club and we teach Muay Thai, Boxing and grappling.  The owners of C.E.P Carlisle Limited had made the journey up to Hawick to support the New Blood Fighters (Ryan McKie was sponsored by them).  At the end of the night the Kevin, Carol and Calvin Winter said they were impressed with the level of skill displayed by the club and commented that although the club had a lot of members it was more like a family than a club. Kevin then went on to say he would like to be a part of the team and have his logo put on every club t-shirt going forward. C.E.P are now the official sponsor of New Blood Martial Arts and will supply new t-shirts for the club so everyone will know they are supporting their local fight team.

New Blood have fighters on the next Cage Carnage show in Carlisle on 28th July so look out for posters around the city as it has pictures of 3 New Blood boxers on it.

David Scott

Posted: July 17th, 2012

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