Our Vision
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Our Vision

It’s often said that business is about finding customers… keeping customers… and making money and as anybody who’s in business will agree, these three principles are essential to our very commercial existence. However, there’s one additional ingredient that’s always been at the heart of David Allen & Co and that’s an unwavering recognition that no matter how good we think we may be, there’s always room to improve.

Those improvements might come in seemingly small aspects of our business, but put a few small things together… and that can make a big difference.
From the early days I’ve always had a vision. It was not to be the biggest accountancy business in Cumbria, but to be the best – the best environment for talented people to work and develop their careers, and the best place for individuals and businesses to receive strategic and financial advice to help them fulfil their potential.
As we enter our 13th year with over 60 people, three offices and a rapidly changing economic landscape, I wanted to re-evaluate where we are and where we’d like to be in the future. To do this I recognise that the business Alison and I created back in 1997 is now very different.

Where once we would discuss our challenges and aspirations within our small team and quickly execute our ideas that same afternoon, I now have a team of partners and managers (each with their own teams) who I need to inspire in order to implement our business plans. Whilst many things have undoubtedly changed over the years, our initial ethos and values haven’t changed.

David Allen and Co has always been about providing the very best service for our customers as a direct result of creating enthusiastic, effective and loyal employees – and I realise that indeed many of our clients and staff had been with us for a significant part of our 13 year journey. I know that the key to developing our business further, lies with our people and our clients. Only by creating an environment where our people are satisfied, loyal and productive can we create value and only by creating that value can our clients feel satisfied and remain loyal to our business.

Unlike many businesses, we’re starting from the inside. Most (if not all) of our people have been involved in strategic or planning workshops, contributing through ideas or sharing their day to day experiences of life within David Allen and Co and providing valuable feedback on our leadership and management style. We have taken our core values of “Inspiration”, “Enthusiasm”, “Commitment” and “Practicality” and fine tuned our “Vision” for the next phase of our development. This vision is a team vision, developed by a group of people from all parts of the business and now shared by all within our firm.

On Thursday 10th of December all of our people came together in our Dalston office and I was really delighted to be able to present to them our vision and direction for the future. We are about to embark on one of the most exciting parts of our journey which involves feedback from our people and our clients will enable us to identify what “really” makes the difference to them and how we can provide our people with the resources to do best what matters most.
So as I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a very prosperous new year, I’d like to share with you OUR pledge and OUR vision.

• David Allen & Co’s vision is to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals in the most practical, proactive and dynamic way. We will combine our technical know-how, financial awareness and commercial acumen with a passion and energy rarely seen in our sector.• We will become a known leading light, recognised for blending the traditional values of accountancy with the enthusiastic and hands-on attitudes of a young, modern team of professionals.
• We will be a breath of fresh air to our clients and our team will be as committed to the clients’ businesses as they are to their own, and our promise will be to go the extra mile in all that we do.

Happy Christmas
David Allen

Posted: December 16th, 2009

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