Our team

Our team are committed, hard working and focussed on providing you with an amazing level of service and giving you peace of mind that your affairs are being properly looked after.

In choosing David Allen, you're now connected to a team of specialists who are dedicated to working with you and helping you to achieve your goals. Our team are committed, hardworking and focussed on providing you with an amazing level of service, giving you peace of mind that your affairs are being properly looked after. 

  • David Allen

    Managing Partner

    David Allen


  • Alison Welton




  • Michael Peile

    Agricultural Partner

    Michael Peile


  • Julie Osborn

    Associate and Business Services Specialist

    Julie Osborn


  • Lucy Metcalf

    Associate and Chartered Tax Adviser

    Lucy Metcalf


  • Alison Allen

    Practice Manager

    Alison Allen


  • Kerrie Allison

    Business Development Manager

    Kerrie Allison


  • Danny Roper

    Business Services Specialist

    Danny Roper


  • Robert Nordon

    Charity, Trust and Estate Specialist

    Robert Nordon


  • Katrina Smith

    Accounts Manager



  • Amy Johnston

    Accounts Manager

    Amy Johnston - Low Res Image 1


  • Sheryl Dobson

    Training and Development Manager

    Sheryl Dobson


  • Julie Taylor

    Management Accountant

    Julie Taylor


  • Steve Balmer

    Independent Financial Adviser

    Steve Balmer


  • David Arnold


    David Arnold


  • Gary Martin


    Gary Martin


  • Linda Moore

    Admin Supervisor

    Linda Moore


  • Lauren Dobson

    Accounts Admin Supervisor

    Lauren Dobson


  • Vicki Benson

    Employer Services Supervisor

    Vicki Benson


  • Melanie Thomson

    Corporate Specialist

    Melanie Thomson


  • Craig Pollock

    Business Services Specialist

    Craig Pollock


  • Ian Sneddon

    Independent Financial Adviser



  • Kelly Hillier

    Mortgage Adviser

    Kelly Hillier


  • Tami Barton

    Mortgage Adviser

    David Allen Photography - 11.8.2016-1154


  • Trudi Dickinson

    Wills and Estate Specialist

    Trudi Dickinson


  • Sarah Graves

    Corporate and Audit Specialist

    Sarah Graves


  • Audrie Smith

    Corporate and Audit Specialist

    Audrie Smith


  • Emma Pigg

    Farm Secretary

    Emma Pigg


  • Hannah Jackson

    Audit and Accounts Senior

    Hannah Jackson


  • Kiella Dickinson

    Accounts Senior

    Kiella Dickinson


  • David Bowness

    Accounts Senior

    David Bowness


  • Fiona Coulthard

    Accounts Senior

    Fiona Coulthard


  • Sarah Priestley

    Accounts Senior

    Sarah Priestley


  • John Pinske

    Accounts Senior

    John Pinske


  • Jordan Ross

    Accounts Senior



  • Amy Henshaw

    Accounts Senior



  • Natasha Ayre

    Accounts Senior



  • Cheryl Black

    Accounts Senior

    Cheryl Black - Low Res Image


  • Leanne Tickle

    Tax Senior

    Leanne Tickle


  • Sally Cleghorn

    Tax Senior



  • Hannah Cundall

    Marketing Senior

    David Allen Photography - 11.8.2016-1188


  • Fran Pate

    Admin Senior

    David Allen Photography - 11.8.2016-1139


  • Ruth Ferry

    Audit and Accounts Assistant

    Ruth Ferry


  • Emma Abbott

    Accounts Assistant

    David Allen Photography - 11.8.2016-1174 (2)


  • Amy Farish

    Accounts Assisstant

    Amy Farish


  • Dean Hanley

    Accounts Assistant



  • Lauren Menzies

    Accounts Assistant

    2016-07-28 10.02.55-1


  • Emma Middleton

    Accounts Assistant



  • Michael McCaul

    Accounts Assistant



  • Chris Martin

    Accounts Assistant



  • Justyna Rudek

    Accounts Assistant

    Justyna Rudek - Low Res Image


  • Andrew Graham

    Accounts Assistant

    Andrew Graham - High res image


  • Gina Harrison

    Tax Assistant



  • Stacey Capes

    Tax Assistant

    Stacey Capes


  • Lindsay Peile

    Employer Services Assistant

    Lindsay Peile


  • Sara Turner

    Employer Services Assistant



  • Helene Parry

    Employer Services Assistant

    David Allen Photography - 11.8.2016-1160


  • Judith Blake

    Employer Services Assistant



  • Karen Ransley

    Employer Services Assistant

    Karen Ransley - High res image


  • Vanessa Graham

    Financial Planning Assistant

    Vanessa Graham


  • Ashleigh Williams

    Financial Planning Assistant



  • Jodie Ingleby

    Financial Planning Assistant



  • Rachel Park

    Financial Planning Assistant



  • Cath Carruthers

    Credit Controller

    Cath Carruthers


  • Joanna Seminara

    Debt Recovery Specialist

    Joanna Seminara


  • Hannah Smith

    Debt Recovery Assistant

    Hannah Smith


  • Andy Gate

    IT Consultant

    Andrew Gate


  • Jamie Pape

    IT Consultant

    Jamie Pape - Low Res Image


  • Daniel Russell

    IT Technician

    David Allen Photography - 11.8.2016-1116


  • Corey McClean

    IT Technician

    David Allen Photography - 11.8.2016-1124 (2)


  • Connor Fish

    IT Technician

    Connor Fish - Low Res Image


  • Matt Mullin

    IT Technician

    male blank profile picture


  • Carole Donaldson


    David Allen Photography - 11.8.2016-1109 (2)


  • Deirdre Burnet

    HR Specialist



  • Margaret Ogden

    Internal Accounts Assistant

    Margaret Ogden


  • Julie Wray-McCann

    Management Accountant

    Julie Wray-McCann


  • Amy Pagan

    Administrative Support

    Amy Pagan


  • Helen Newstead

    Accounts Assistant

    Helen Woodrow


  • Lisa Whittaker

    Accounts Admin Assistant

    Lisa Whittaker - Low Res Image


  • Janice Houghton

    Admin Assistant

    Portrait shot of Janice Haughton in the Workington David Allen Office


  • Gloria Drake

    Admin Assistant

    Gloria Drake


  • Alix Lancaster

    Admin Assistant

    David Allen Photography - 11.8.2016-1125 (2)


  • Tom Benson

    Agricultural Consultant

    David Allen Photography - 5.05.2017-9421


  • Paul Henderson

    Agricultural Consultant

    Paul Henderson