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Ransomware virus attacks

Following the recent news announcements, you will be aware that the NHS, and many other large organisations around the world (90 countries have now been affected), have been hit with a massive cyberattack from a virus called Wanna-Cry.

The virus is very disruptive and encrypts all files on your network, making them inaccessible.

Our team at David Allen IT Solutions ensure we protect all the organisations we work with from such cyberattacks.  We regularly patch our clients IT systems and ensure effective email spam filtering and virus protection software is in place.

However there are still things you and your employees can do to help…

  • DO NOT click on any link or attachment that you are not expecting.
  • If you receive any messages on your machine such as… ‘Ooops your files have been encrypted!’ then immediately power off your computer and phone our help desk.
  • If you are unsure of the validity of any email DO NOT open it.  Instead please call us for advice BEFORE deciding whether to open it or not.

Our specialists at David Allen IT Solutions are on hand to protect your critical data.  We offer a wide range of security options to protect your business from cyberattacks, data corruption or data loss.

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Posted: May 13th, 2017

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