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County Court Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Officers

County Court Bailiffs are employees of Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service and are responsible for enforcing orders of County Courts by recovering monies owed under county court judgments up to a maximum of £600.

If the debt due is not paid they have the authority to seize and sell goods to recover the amount of the debt owed.  They can also serve court documents to collect and supervise the possession of property and the return of goods under hire purchase agreements.

High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs) are authorised by the Lord Chancellor and work privately or for private companies.

HCEOs work under the authority of a Writ of Control.  This is issued when a county court judgment, order or tribunal award is transferred to the High Court for enforcement.

If successful, the HCEO will collect the judgment debt, costs incurred, your transfer up fee, interest at a current rate of 8% and their fees, costs and charges from the judgment debtor.  They can also seize and sell goods to recover the amount of the debt.

HCEOs earn their fees from the judgment debtor, but only when they collect.  If the HCEO is unable to collect, there is an industry regulated compliance fee of £75 plus VAT paid by the creditor.  Other than the compliance fee, the HCEO receives no income for an unsuccessful enforcement.