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Issuing court proceedings and enforcement

Despite both yours and our best efforts, debt recovery work may sometimes end up involving litigation and court proceedings.

If the debtor ignores our initial letter before action we will issue court proceedings to escalate recovery of the debt owing to you.

The debtor is required to respond to the court within 14 days.  If the debtor subsequently fails to settle the debt or respond to the court within this period then we will request that a judgment is registered against them.  We will then look to enforce that judgment, recovering the monies owed to you.

A judgment can prompt full repayment or the debtor may propose a settlement agreement for payment by instalments.  Either way you get what you’re owed!

Should the total sum of the judgment, including the court costs exceed £600 then we can utilise the extensive powers of High Court Enforcement Officers who will actively seek to recover the debt owed and, if successful, recover all of their costs, the majority of your costs and interest.

Alternatively other enforcement options can include appointing County Court Bailiffs or securing a charging order, a third party debt order or an attachment of earnings order.

For more information about any of these enforcement options and how we can help you, contact a member of our team today.