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Despite both your and our best efforts, debt recovery work may sometimes end up involving litigation and court proceedings.  Your debtor may then defend any court proceedings that are issued, with or without good reason.

If our letter before action does not recover the debt owed to you, then there are various enforcement methods we can use to recover the monies owed.  Should the total sum of the judgment, including the court costs exceed £600 you can utilise the extensive powers of County Court Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Officers.  They will actively seek to recover the debt due and, if successful, recover all of their costs, the majority of your costs and interest.

If the debtor is the registered owner of a property, we are able to secure the debt on the property through a charging order.  You are entitled to recover fees relating to the application of the order and registration of the charge.

Alternatively, an application for a third party debt order at court can intercept any payment made by a third party to the debtor, ensuring it is you that gets paid!  The application can also be made against any bank account of the debtor, although this would only be successful if there was a credit balance in the account.  The court fees will be added to the debt and you would be entitled to recover these costs from the debtor.

For more information about any of these enforcement options and how we can help you, contact a member of our team today.