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Letter of claim or letter before action

On receiving your instruction our first action is usually to write to your debtor on your behalf demanding payment of the outstanding monies owed to you.

From our experience the majority of debts are recovered from simply sending our letter of claim, which clearly demonstrates you are committed to recovering the monies owed to you, however this can progress to our letter before action if necessary.

It is our aim to enable parties to settle the matter between them quickly, and for a fixed cost from as little as £10 plus VAT (depending on the value of the debt owed) what have you got to lose.  Our fixed fee service means you will always understand any costs you may be liable for.

If the invoice you issued clearly sets out your terms, you may be able to recover compensation from the debtor under the County Courts Act 1984 or Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.  We will always aim to recover all amounts you are entitled to.

If the debtor is an individual and your terms and conditions allow, we will look to recover interest and legal costs on your behalf.  Often the recovered compensation, costs or interest covers our fixed fee, meaning the recovery of your monies costs you nothing!

If there is no response to the letter of claim or our letter before action we will then discuss the options available to you and recommend the best way forward, ensuring you are aware of any additional costs that may be incurred.

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