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In-House Services

Credit reports

At David Allen Recovery Solutions we download numerous credit reports every hour.  We make sure that we learn everything we can about your debtors and by using established credit reports, work out the best course of action.  By accessing credit reports, we can examine a debtor’s current credit status and whether there is any reason they have not been able to pay you the money you are owed.

We obtain data direct from trusted sources such as Companies House, The Registry Trust and the London and Edinburgh Gazettes to ensure that you get the most up-to-date business information available in the marketplace.  Our scoring model is one of the most predictive in the industry and our clients trust us to protect them from the threat of bad debt.  We have also designed our own company credit reports so that you can make informed business decisions in a matter of seconds.

Process server

A process server is a representative who serves Court papers up to debtors.  We have our own dedicated process server working alongside our team, carrying out various tasks such as filing Court papers, serving legal documents and document retrieval.

A process server’s principal job is to deliver or ‘serve’ legal documents to a defendant involved in a Court case.  After serving legal documents, he has to deliver actual evidence that the legal papers were served.  The verification that is offered is referred to as an Affidavit of Service or Proof of Service, which must be endorsed.  By having a process server we can ensure that your Court documents are taken care of to the highest standard – leaving nothing to chance.