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Irish debtors

Northern Ireland debtors

Northern Irish debtors are not a problem for our team, our initial approach is to send our letter before action.

This letter demands payment within 14 days and puts the debtor on written notice that failure to pay will lead to further action being taken. It is our practice to issue the letter before action on the day we are instructed.

Court action

In Irish law, your case will only be heard if the claim is disputed, a counterclaim issued, or an unacceptable repayment proposal is made by the debtor.

Unless your claim is disputed, you will not have to attend court, and decree may be obtained by completion of the relevant documentation. We will prepare these documents on your behalf and submit them to the court together with a cheque for the court fee.  It will then be stamped by the court and served on the debtor.

The debtor has 21 working days after service to lodge a notice of intention to defend. If the matter is undefended, i.e. the debtor fails to respond within 21 days, we will then submit all the relevant paperwork to obtain a decree.  Once a decree has been obtained the debtor is liable to pay the principal sum, applicable interest and a higher scale of recoverable costs.

Should a debtor fail to pay following decree, one method of pursuing further recovery is via the Enforcement of Judgments Office, or EJO as it is more commonly known. The EJO is authorised to recover or enforce decrees for a scale fee depending on the amount of debt to be recovered.

If your debtor is based in the Republic of Ireland, different procedures apply.

To find out how we can help you recover your debts in Ireland contact our team today.