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Scottish debtors

Our approach to reclaiming Scottish debts is unique.

While other recovery agencies follow a long and expensive process, pursuing claims through England before transferring them into Scottish law, we work collaboratively with a Scottish solicitor to recover the monies owed to you.


In Scottish law, the court may not necessarily be the best option for the collection of debt.  Uniquely in Scotland we can use a process called collection.  Through this we will issue a seven-day notification to the debtor of our intention to recover the debt by litigation and enforcement.  This allows the debtor a final opportunity to settle the debt prior to any further costs being added.  If payment is not forthcoming within the seven days, the matter is referred to our collections team who will then attempt to contact the debtor to obtain payment.  If we are unsuccessful, we can arrange for a field agent to visit the debtor’s address.  We will then determine whether we believe court action is the best way forward for recovering the monies owed.  Our decision will be made after assessing the debtor’s assets and possessions and after discussing the case in full with you.

The collection stage runs for a maximum of 30 days.  If the debtor fails to settle the amount owed, we will automatically take court action.  We will conduct a pre-sue check and will manage the case, while you concentrate on running your business.


If we are unable to collect your debts through collection the next step is to take the debtor to court following a simplified procedure for debts under £5,000 and the usual process for amounts over £5,000.

We understand the complexities of Scottish law and will help you collect your monies without the headache – so contact us today.