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Rory Stewart’s Agri-Business Club

I attended the Autumn Agri-business club meeting, held at Robert and Jackie Craig’s from Cairnhead farm, Ainstable, on Saturday evening (30 November 2013).

Robert and Jackie were wonderful hosts with Jackie cooking a fabulous meal for the 18 club members attending, followed by Robert delivering a thought provoking speech and presentation following the completion of his Nuffield Scholarship this year.

Robert’s topic was The True Cost of Cheap Food Globally and the research into this took him to several countries including India, St Lucia and USA over a period of 12 months. Robert spoke about one particular area within his project: Water Irrigation and Sustainability. This was highly enlightening, with resources of what we believe to have excess amounts of in the UK, being a huge problem in drier countries, and the potential impact this is going to have on global food production. This generated much debate and conversation around the table of club members which included Rory Stewart MP.

Thank you again to our hosts Robert and Jackie, and Robert’s full report is available on the Nuffield Scholarship website:


Posted: December 2nd, 2013

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