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When should I take backups?

It is important to backup your data whenever you have entered new data into your software.  In addition to your daily backups, or however often you use your software, we recommend that you backup weekly and monthly and keep these files separate from your daily backups.

It is also important that you backup before and after irreversible procedures such as performing the year end procedure, clearing your audit trail or reconciling your VAT Return.

Check the transaction Date

When posting a transaction, make sure the date is correct before you save it.  The system will automatically date items on the current system date.

You can backdate postings; however this can be risky when you have already produced a report for that given period.  We would not advise you to post a transaction in your last financial year when your accounts have already been prepared as this will throw out your opening balances.

Regular bank reconciliation

One of the most important checks is to reconcile the bank – that is, to check that the bank transactions and balance recorded on Sage match with the bank statements.  Best practice is to reconcile the bank at least once a month.

Hot Topic – Check Data Files

Check your data regularly, particularly before taking a backup.

Any problems with the data will be flagged for your attention.  Most can be corrected with your software's 'fix' option, which is displayed within the listed problems.

To check your data, from the file menu click 'maintenance' then 'check data'.  If there are no problems, the maintenance window will appear.  A problem will be detailed as follow:

Errors – these indicate data problems. To rectify any errors click

'fix' – contact us to check that there is no data corruption.

Warnings – these indicate serious problems that should be attended to

promptly – contact us to check your data.

Comments – these are the least serious data problems and do not necessarily require any corrections – these will highlight any potential problems, for example, if the turnover is negative.

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Posted: July 7th, 2011