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Sage Tips and Advice

Check data

On your employee list screen there is a ‘check data’ icon.  You can use the check data option to run through the information in your software and highlight anything unusual or inconsistent. When used, this can identify any discrepancies in your software that will cause issues at year end filing, any missed updates on employees data, personal details needed for submission and/or minimum pay notifications etc. The main issue at year end is missed weeks on payroll which can be time consuming for you to roll back and re process all wages.  Missed updates are usually caused by forgetting to ‘update’ or using the ‘hold option’ incorrectly.  To check your data simply click ‘check data’ – the software will provide you with a health check list and will identify any employee, employer or processing information that has incorrect data.

Weekly Reports

When running your weekly payroll we would advise that the following reports are printed: * Payment summary – Part 1 * Payment summary – Part 2 * A copy of all payslips. Each month Sage calculates the amount of PAYE and NI that is owed to HMRC; it also calculates any repayments of SSP/SMP/SPP owed to you.  To run the P32 report, always ensure you have updated your last payroll of that month (up to the 5th).  Click ‘tasks’, ‘period end’ and ‘P32’, select the month you want to run i.e. 1 to 1 for 5 May and then print off the report.

Personnel Record

Within your Sage 50 payroll system you have the option to have a personnel record for each employee in addition to their employee record.  This enables you to record details of employees’ performance, any reviews, notice periods, SSP and/or document any career progression.  This useful tool allows you to refer back to an employee’s job history for details of these conditions. You can find this by choosing ‘employees’ on the stacked toolbar and then ‘personnel record’.

Hot Topic – Payroll Nominal Link

If you use both Sage accounts and payroll software it is advisable to have your nominal link set up as standard.  Once you have paid your employees and updated their records you can post your payroll costs directly to your accounts software.  This ensures that the correct costs are posted to the profit and loss and balance sheet, giving you accurate management figures when running Sage accounts reports. To set up your nominal link click ‘company’ on the stacked toolbar, then ‘nominal settings’.  In ‘destination’ enter your Sage accounts data path so that the software can link, then on PL analysis enter your Sage Accounts nominal codes.  It is also advisable to complete this for any balance sheet.  Once complete and when you have finished updating your payroll for whichever pay frequency you have ran, click ‘nominal link’ and a wizard will appear.  When complete, a journal will have posted into the accounts data. Our tips and advice offers you practical tips that can help you manage and understand your business software.

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Posted: June 6th, 2011