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Sage Tips and Advice

Customer credit control and how it is imperative that you have full control over customer’s receipts and invoices to enable you to manage cash flow correctly.

Reporting Ageing Dates

Sage is set up to run debtor and creditor reports at 30 days and then every 30 days thereafter.  However, not all businesses terms fall into this. If they don’t you can change these to ensure your reports run correctly from here on in. To do this click ‘settings’, then either ‘customer’ or ‘supplier defaults’, click ‘ageing’, choose ‘period ageing’ and then amend the aged periods to suit your business.

Emailing Customer Correspondence

There is now a function within the sage system where you can enter a customer’s email address, which enables you to send invoices directly via email.

To activate this you will need to enter the email address within the customer record details tab. On the invoice list you will see a printed, emailed and posted column.  Once you have entered your invoice you can select said invoice or numerous and click ‘email’. This will automatically send the invoice to the email settings within that specific customer and will ultimately reduce your postage costs.

All statements and letters can also be emailed directly.

Hot Topic – Applying customer late payment charges

Did you know that your software includes an option to enable you to apply a credit charge to customers who do not pay on time?

To set up this function click ‘settings’, ‘configuration’, then ‘terms’.  In the customer finance rates section click ‘add’ and then enter the date you wish to start applying late payment charges from, the base rate and the additional percentage. To apply charges you need to set up your customer records to allow this. In credit control and restrictions tick ‘can charge credit’.  To apply this to all customers use the batch change option. 

Once this has been set you can use the late payment charges wizard within links to add charges/interest. Our tips and advice offers you practical tips that can help you manage and understand your business software.

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Posted: May 23rd, 2011