Sarah’s Presentation
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Sarah’s Presentation

On Saturday Sarah Graves and I attended a ceremony at the University of Newcastle which was held by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. This was for Sarah and all other students who had qualified as Chartered Accountants in the 2008 examinations and also for prize winners.

The day started with the train journey, which was fine until we came to an abrupt holt short of Newcastle Metro Centre and were told there was a technical fault with the train. The image of being stuck on the train soon filled both of our minds. Luckily after a short ten minute delay we were on our way again.

All students and guests met at the Courtyard Restaurant of the University where we were served tea, coffee and refreshments. Guests were then lead away to the hall for the presentation while Sarah and the rest of the students were lined up in alphabetical order for their entrance in to the ceremony.

Keith Proudfoot, Northern Regional Director, explained the exam structure and introduced each of the students who were called onto the stage and presented with a Certificate by Jim Summers, President of the Northern Society of Chartered Accountants, Mike Ranson, Deputy President of the Northern Society of Chartered Accountants and Ian Brown, a local entrepreneur.

Following the presentation there was a speech by Ian Brown, a board member of One North East, politician, multiple business owner and successful entrepreneur. 

After the ceremony Sarah and the rest of the students were led out to the courtyard for some group photographs and then it was back to the Courtyard Restaurant where we were treated to a nice glass of bubbly to celebrate the student’s success and an opportunity to meet other students and Institute members.

The day went really well and was a great opportunity to recognise the success of the students.

Alison Welton

Posted: March 23rd, 2009

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