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A client of our firm, Simon Anderson came to our office to do a presentation one evening.

A few of the staff attended this and at the time he had an offer of £25 for a 1 hour shoot (of your choice) and you also got a 10 x 8 photo free with the fantastic package he had to offer. £20 of this was going to Charity.

Michelle and I thought this was a great opportunity to get dolled up and a chance to get some great photos at the same time. We decided we would go for the make over shoot so we arranged a day and time for us to go along. Bear in mind the make over shoots only take place on a Sunday, so we had to choose a Sunday that we knew we were going to have a quiet night before!!

We set off early giving us plenty of time to get there as we didn’t have a clue where we were going! We thought that we wouldn’t get lost as we had a Tom Tom but that wasn’t the case. We had reached our destination but looking ahead we knew we had gone wrong somewhere as we ended up at some kind of Barn! (2 blondes in a car is not a good combination).
After finally finding the studios we got ourselves prepared for our shoot. We both got our makeup applied then it was straight to the photos. We both had various different shoots done and also had some together. Trying to smile first thing on a Sunday morning isn’t good and nearer the finish we were getting better but ended up with a sore jaw by the end of it! We both really enjoyed it.

A few days ago we went to view our photos on a huge slide show. There was a great selection which Simon had done (and I think a lot of airbrushing too). We were both chuffed with the photos and decided we would both get a portfolio of us both to keep.If you’re ever thinking about having a photo shoot done with your family or friends, I would definitely recommend Simon as he did a fantastic job!

Posted: June 12th, 2009

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