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Staff productivity

We have all heard about staff productivity – but what does it really mean and how can it be monitored? 

Your employees tend to ‘look busy’, especially when tapping away on a computer for hours, but are they busy doing the tasks that you think they are doing?

As managers or business owners the productivity of each of your employees is paramount and key to this is managing the productivity of your workers.  Granted, people tend not to like being micromanaged and they certainly don’t like to be monitored, however for staff with open access to the internet on a daily basis, safe and efficient monitoring systems can be of benefit.  For example, it will allow you to ensure that employees are not accessing time wasting sites during working hours but also, and importantly, that they are not using the web for any illegal activity.

At David Allen IT Solutions News we can advise and install software to report on website activity for your entire organisation.  We can block illegal or time wasting websites as per your businesses requirements, policies and procedures.

These reporting solutions don’t need to be expensive, and in the long-run cost savings in terms of gained productivity could save your business thousands.

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Posted: February 9th, 2015

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