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Surprise evening…

Over the last couple of weeks there has been a mystery growing in the David Allen office…

Alison announced that she needed 20 volunteers to help her out on 12 November after work with more details to follow.  The mystery intrigued everyone and people were jumping at the chance to be part of the evening, with 20 people turning into 26!

As the date drew closer ideas of what we had volunteered for were being bounced around, with Alison not giving any details away ideas ranged from painting the office, to herding cows, to cleaning and even to circus boot camp! 

The day before we were teased with a tiny bit more information, all we knew was that we needed a few drivers, would be going no further than a 30 minute drive away from our offices, that we would need to change out of our work clothes into something more comfortable (with trainers) and that outdoor clothing would not be needed!

5.30pm on the day soon arrived, changed and excited we all met in reception, David, Alison and the kids arrived and were still giving nothing away. 

We were told to meet in the layby just inside Maryport where we would re-group and move on to the activity –  the suspense built as we travelled in convoy towards Maryport. 

After meeting at our rendezvous point Alison lead the way and the need for our comfy clothing and trainers all became apparent as we turned into Clip N Climb! 

Inside we met the our colleagues from the Workington office (that had been given some inside information!) listened to our safety briefing and were given our harnesses for the evening.  

While having our harnesses checked 12 of us jumped at the chance to take part in the “leap of faith” challenge which involved jumping from a platform, clinging to an inflatable cushion and falling back down to earth – not for the faint hearted!  

The braver members of the group even managed to conquer the green poles (“stairway to heaven”) which saw them stepping up giant (and slightly wobbly) green poles until they reached the top and stepped off the edge to fall back to the ground! 

We all thoroughly enjoyed trying out the different walls with our competitive sides coming out in races up the face to face clear wall and the timed walls along with some friendly pushing off on the bouncy wall! 

After we had all stepped out of our harnesses we were treated to a lovely buffet and some well-deserved refreshments! 

We would all like to thank David and Alison for treating us all to an amazing fun filled evening out!


Posted: November 13th, 2013

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