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Taking one small step with Barclays Bank

Yesterday, Julie Osborn and Michael Peile had the pleasure of being invited on the Barclays wagon to learn some trusty inspirational tips from Robert Craven. You would never have thought we were in a wagon as it was very stable and had all of the latest IT gadgets as well as a cash machine!

Robert Craven gave us some useful feedback as to why clients come to us and also why they may leave… we have welcomed his advice with open arms. I was also very fortunate to win 2 of Robert’s books in a luck dip so am looking forward to reading them.

Barclays Regional Director, Martin Bonner and Area Business Manager, Neil Clayton gave an overview on their thoughts for our region whilst Elaine Gray and Philip Royle, our local business managers were available for us to bounce ideas off and catch up with.

Barclays continued their event by showing 30 ten year olds how to appreciate and learn the value of money.

We would like to thank Barclays for their hospitality and commend them for ‘being out there’ to help the Community.

Posted: September 23rd, 2011

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