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6 tech tips for making your work day less stressful

6 tech tips for making your work day less stressful

Do you sometimes feel like the technology within your business is hindering productivity, rather than fuelling it? Are social media sites and smartphones distracting you and your employees? Do you feel like you’re using your IT systems ineffectively?


Here are some tech tips which can identify what’s stressing you out, and advice on how to use technology to your advantage during the work day:


Do not (get) disturb(ed).

All those ‘pings’ coming from your phone – do you really need to know? Setting certain apps to do-not-disturb mode during the work day could reduce those anxiety-inducing pings.

Setting up a spam filter on your email can also reduce the number of unwanted emails you get on a daily basis and prevent you from receiving potentially malicious emails.

Figure out where you’re wasting time.

Do you ever glance at the clock and wonder where your work day has gone? Well, there’s a way to find out!

Try a time-tracking app for a week to receive all the data on where your screen time is spent. Time trackers automatically log your use of programmes and websites you’re using throughout the work day. Try ManicTime – there’s a free option available and it stores your data securely on your machine.

Once you’ve figured out what programmes or apps are draining your work day away, limit usage to these.

Our IT team can even help set up your systems to block certain websites or restrict access to apps in order to make sure that you and your staff aren’t distracted when at work.

Learn how to use your technology properly.

Do you actually understand how to use your brand-new iPhone? Have you purchased software that you’ve never opened since day one?

Take advantage of IT training (or even Youtube tutorials!) to understand and better utilise the technology that’s right in front of you.

Work where & when you’re feeling productive.

6 tech tips for making your work day less stressful 1


It’s important to ensure that staff members who work different hours or from home are able to be productive. Businesses that provide high-quality connectivity for remote workers enable flex-time workers to securely access company resources and files.

When managers allow employees to work on a flexible schedule or from home, everyone can benefit from better results and less stress of trying to fit in the traditional nine-to-five.

Plus, CIPD research has shown that flexible working times improve staff engagement and motivation, as well as allowing for better work-life balance, health and well-being.

Sync your to-do lists.

You’ve probably heard of task management systems like Trello and Evernote, but are you using one? Try again: set up your app of choice on all your devices and commit to it. And put all your meetings into your Outlook diary!

Your stress levels could plummet once you’re comfortable with a system that keeps track of everything you need to remember.

Contact our team for advice on how to best utilise Office 365 to boost productivity.

Outsource the tasks you don’t want to do.

Are you constantly frustrated by a certain aspect of your work day, for example, are you tired of trying to diagnose internet connection problems or attempting to balance the books?

You might find that outsourcing certain tasks can give you a higher return on investment once you’re not spending ages dealing with things not suited for you. Using the right software solution can even make the job much easier and quicker – contact us for advice on the right systems to use.


David Allen IT Solutions is a Carlisle-based business offering IT support, maintenance and project management. Our Microsoft Gold Partner status allows us to offer the best advice and guidance to our clients at all times.

Get in touch to learn how our IT solutions can empower you to be more productive and less stressed at work!  





Posted: April 19th, 2018

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