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Explosive Productions Limited

Explosive Productions previously had their IT services split between multiple suppliers each individually catering for the server, PCs and network, telephones, broadband and call packages.  As a progressive, expanding business, the poor internet speeds coupled with reaching the storage capacity of their existing server were causing issues for the business so during a free initial consultation with David Allen IT Solutions they suggested bringing all of the Explosive Productions services into one fully managed IT support package, which would resolve all of our existing issues whilst providing extra features that we wanted.

The project was broken into staged phases to ensure there was minimal disruption to the day to day running of the business.  David Arnold and his IT team arranged for a high speed wireless connection to the building to replace the old broadband line which resulted in considerably higher operational speeds for staff streaming media or downloading important media files for the productions.

The old server wouldn’t allow for a seamless transfer of data so they created a brand new Windows domain and completed the set up in advance at their own office premises.  We scheduled a quieter time during the Christmas period to move the system over and they subsequently completed the upgrade with minimal interruption to the business.  All email data, user data and shared data was moved to the new system and new features were implemented to improve the speed of logging on each morning whilst providing company email access to mobile devices.  To help manage the spam the business received they set up a spam filtering solution and to ensure data recovery, a combination of backups was installed.

With the new server in place, they then began work on a new telephone system.  By implementing a system whereby telephone calls run over internet connections (VOIP – voice over internet protocol) they provided us with a much more cost effective telephone solution with a vast array of features but, most importantly, hold music to improve the client service experience.

Finally, they addressed the Windows XP software installed across several office based PCs which were approaching the end of support.  For this they planned an early morning install for the PCs and, after again setting up the computers in advance at their own offices, they transferred and installed these into the business.  The real benefit of having a correctly configured server with network policies in place is the ease of making alterations to the network such as this.  A quick switch of the PC tower unit was all that was required, and users were logging back in with their computers exactly as they wanted them – albeit on Windows 7 instead of Windows XP.

With the project fully complete, Explosive Productions now benefit from the ongoing IT support and maintenance from David Allen IT Solutions.  They proactively look after our whole network with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, remote and onsite support and a single point of contact for all of our technical needs – and that’s not the best bit, all of this is delivered at a significantly lower rate than our old providers combined.

The work completed by David Arnold and the team from David Allen IT Solutions has not only improved the workability and efficiency of our business, it has also allowed us to reduce costs whilst providing a better service experience to our clients.  The ongoing maintenance support means we have round the clock, on demand help when we need it most.  I cannot recommend David Allen IT Solutions enough and would encourage any business to take up the free initial consultation to see how their business can benefit.

Sid Sims, Director

Explosive Productions