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Hazel Twiname

I had been a client of FM Associates for a number of years before the business was taken over by David Allen.  Soon after the takeover I was introduced to Ian Sneddon who offered me a free financial review as part of the group of services offered by David Allen.  I was initially very apprehensive, but on meeting Ian I immediately knew there was no reason to be.

Ian was friendly and down to earth and most of all he knew his stuff.  After chatting informally over a coffee, he learned about my financial position and established that I had various different investments in place and that I was exposed to a substantial Inheritance Tax (IHT) problem, which had never been previously fully addressed.

I was aware of the basic principles surrounding IHT but thankfully Ian was and he explained everything to me in a jargon free, easy to understand manner.  He restructured my investment portfolio, utilising IHT efficient investments and trusts to help mitigate and reduce the amount of IHT that will be payable in the future.

Nobody wants to work their whole life to be charged 40% tax on their death and thanks to Ian I got the right advice to plan now before it’s too late.

I would highly recommend Ian to anyone looking for sound financial advice, from someone who you can trust.  He now keeps in touch with me regularly, reviewing my position to ensure I am always one step ahead.

Hazel Twiname