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Helen James – mortgages

Having been in the rental market for a number of years I was keen to get back onto the property ladder.  I’d seen a property that I was interested in buying but it was going to auction and I had no experience at all of the auction buying process.  I had always dealt with Steve Balmer at David Allen Financial Services for my investments and he suggested I speak with another team member, Kelly Hillier, one of the Independent Mortgage Advisers.  I didn’t want to waste time going from lender to lender, so the fact that Kelly would be able to search the whole of the mortgage market on my behalf was very appealing.

From the moment I met Kelly she put me at ease and from there on in she guided me through the entire process.  Kelly talked me through the auction buying procedure, explaining that having the necessary finance arrangements in place was crucial to ensure that the strict timescales associated with this type of purchase could be met.

I was thrilled when I successfully secured the property and as a result it’s fair to say that Kelly had an immense amount of work to do in a very short period of time.  A great deal of this pressure came from me as I had challenged her with obtaining a mortgage offer within three working days.  This was no mean feat due to my age since the mortgage would take me into retirement – but she did it, going above and beyond my expectations.  Kelly worked really hard to get everything in place for me, telephoning me during evenings from her own home and even cancelling her own annual leave to ensure that all the necessary paperwork was in place for the purchase to complete.

Since a life threatening accident in February 2014, my confidence has been severely reduced.  Kelly understood my insecurities and worked to really understand me as an individual.  Importantly, and so very often lacking these days, she listened and then gave me informed, quality advice.  She was always contactable, answered my numerous questions and provided me with reassurance whenever I had concerns.  She even went as far as liaising with my solicitor and the mortgage lender on my behalf so I didn’t have to, providing me with regular updates throughout.  Her focus was always on me.

I can honestly say that I don’t think I could, or would, have bought the property without the expert advice I received from Kelly at David Allen Financial Services.  As well as finding me the best deal that was suitable for me, she also took care of the whole process from start to finish.  For anyone looking for mortgage advice I would highly recommend Kelly Hillier.  With her you’re more than just a number, there’s no hard sell and you know that your financial future is being well looked after.

Helen James