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Lynn Parker

I would like to say how impressed I am with your company and would be grateful if you would pass on my thanks to the Financial Services team.

I moved to West Cumbria from London in 2009 and came to David Allen Financial Services for help with my pensions which were all over the place and not working for me as hard as they could be.

I had been trying to get my bank, HSBC, to work with me to get this all sorted out but unfortunately after four years I had no success.  I was complaining to a friend about the terrible service I was getting when my friend told me that she had heard that David Allen Financial Services had a good reputation and maybe they could help me.

I was first visited late in September 2015 and explained that I needed help.  Asking me what I wanted to achieve and for some information so they could look into my pensions further.  After the way I had been treated by my bank I was a little worried about working with someone I didn’t know, especially as it involved my financial and private details and basically all I have for my future.  They went away with the information but kept me completely in the loop all the way through the process and now have been able to find exactly what I’m looking for.

I am not a big company or even a business, just a private individual, but they made me feel like I was as important and his most lucrative client.  They understood my reservations and worked hard to reassure me, taking the time to explain everything to me in terms that I could understand without bamboozling me with financial jargon and, as has happened in the past, didn’t make me feel like I was in any way stupid or unable to understand pensions.  They helped me to understand every step of the procedure, taking all the worry of my pension situation from me – I felt like I was finally in control of my pensions.

They advised me what is best for me and not (as I feel my bank had done) what was easiest for the company, and in doing so have gained my confidence to such an extent that after we had finished dealing with my pensions I asked them to look into an ISA for me.    I will be using David Allen Financial Services for my finances as I move forward into the future.

In an environment where it is difficult to find efficiency and clarity whilst dealing with finances, not to mention an air of safety, it is really refreshing to be able to work with an adviser and a company that has impressed me to the extent that David Allen has.  Friendly, extremely kind and really understand the importance of giving an efficient, clear and individual service.

I have already recommended them to my friends and I will be recommending them further because there is no substitute for word of mouth, especially where it involves being able to trust someone with your future.  I am really blown away with your company’s service and they have exceeded my expectations – I’m really happy that I have found you, thank you.

Lynn Parker