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Personal debt recovery

A couple of years ago I was upset to find that I had lost one of my favourite earrings and commissioned a jeweller to make an identical one as a replacement.  The jeweller in question produced an inferior replacement earring and even changed the clasp on my remaining earring for a cheap one rather than create a like-for-like clasp.  Needless to say, I was very disappointed with their work but the jeweller would not listen.

Two years on and I still had nothing, no compensation, no earrings and no satisfaction.  It was at this point that I contacted the Debt Recovery team at David Allen Recovery Solutions to see if they could help.

They were fantastic and immediately sent out a Letter Before Action requesting compensation from the jeweller.  As a result of this letter, the Recovery Solutions team recovered a total of £980 to replace my earrings – they also recovered all of their costs at the same time meaning I didn’t have to pay a penny!

I can’t thank them enough for the sterling work they have done on my behalf and I would definitely recommend the Recovery Solutions team should I ever come across someone in need.