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I contacted David Allen IT to help us resolve the various IT issues we have been encountering over the past two years.

I spoke to David Arnold in January and outlined all the issues we were experiencing and asked if he could help us overcome these and move our business forward towards my vision of operating fully ‘in the cloud’.  I explained that we had previously used a couple of other local IT companies but they had been unable to address the problems.  David was most helpful, extremely knowledgeable and quickly identified the best solution.

Since then, my team here at RWP Training Limited have worked very closely with David, Gary and their colleagues and we now have a modern, trouble free IT infrastructure which allows Karen and I to work remotely when required and also meets the needs of our staff operating on two sites and all our learners throughout Cumbria and Lancashire to access their documents etc.  We are about to enter the second phase now where they are rebuilding our former server hardware and assisting with the roll out of new PCs.

I have worked with many service related business over the past 25 years and David Allen IT Solutions are certainly one of the very best I have dealt with.  David and Gary’s level of IT knowledge is extremely high; they have excellent communication skills and have worked tirelessly night and day to make sure we met our objectives within the agreed timescale I laid down from the outset.

Thank you to David, Gary and their team for helping us out and I look forward to their continued support, advice and direction over the coming years.

Richard Polybank, Director

RWP Training Ltd