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Trinity School, Carlisle

As far as the staff and students are concerned the workshop was excellent.  The length of time for the audience was great, you managed to put into your presentation the ‘Health and Safety’ element of the task, which I know the teachers appreciated.  I also forwarded your email to the teachers so they could refer back to it in class.  We appreciate that it is not always easy to get information across to such a large audience of 14 year olds, but all of them have managed to complete the task to a high standard.  The Health and Safety task did fit well into our programme as did the information regarding customer service.  This all reinforced what we are delivering in School to our Year 10’s who are currently seeking work experience placements for the week beginning 30 June.  However, it would be a lovely idea if the businesses could set a task such as a business challenge perhaps in the future?  I would be more than happy to recommend you to other schools, we have been extremely pleased with all aspects of the programme and the delivery to our students.  It is great that so many employers want to support the curriculum and important that students hear about the world of work beyond.

May I say a big thank you on behalf of Trinity School.