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The benefits of using the cloud

David Allen

Cloud computing is a method of storing and accessing your data via the internet, rather than using a local hard drive.  The cloud is becoming increasingly popular for businesses, both large and small, and here are some of the reasons how the cloud could benefit you and your business:

Accessible from anywhere

You are able to access your information from anywhere via your laptop, phone or tablet, when you have an internet connection.  This makes working remotely very easy as you are able to access all of your data no matter your location.

Virtual backup

All of your business data is backed up virtually by the cloud.  This virtual backup protects your data from being lost, for example should you accidentally break your laptop or lose your phone, all of your data is securely backed up and stored ready for you to retrieve.

Reduced costs

One of the biggest selling points to businesses is the reduced costs associated with utilising the cloud.  By storing all of your information online you negate the need to purchase additional hardware on which to store your data as well as removing the need for any costly maintenance checks on this hardware.

Disaster proof

In the unfortunate event of a disaster at your premises, such as a fire or a flood, or if you were to be the victim of theft, you can be assured that your business data is safe.  By storing information in the cloud you would still be able to access your information online – were your data stored on your premises, this would not be the case.

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Posted: September 7th, 2015

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