The Digging Party
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The Digging Party

We always pride ourselves at David Allen that we do more than just prepare accounts or complete tax returns so when David asked for some volunteers to complete a special project, we were all intrigued.

Then when he said that the volunteers needed to be strong and not afraid of getting their hands dirty, it suddenly sounded a bit more suspicious.

Nevertheless, a few of the lads were still up for it so Thursday morning, Michael, Craig, and others followed David out of the office and away they went.

They were told they had to be in old gear and wellies would be required. They had all put their out of office notice on and it stated “Digging Party.” Not one to miss out on a party, I decided to follow their trail and ended up finding them at David’s field up the road.

When I first arrived, they appeared to be just leaning on shovels but they spotted me and suddenly they attempted to look busy.

So clearing a field of stones was the task of the day and in the glorious sunshine, they all looked like they were having fun though I bet there will be a few of them aching tonight after a day of hard labour.

So next time David asks for volunteers for a special project, be prepared.

Posted: September 10th, 2009

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