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The importance of backing up your data

Having the correct backup systems in place for your IT is essential to ensure the smooth running of your business.  Backups during day-to-day working are often overlooked but it is important to back up your data correctly and securely before it’s too late. 

Sadly more often than not it isn’t until a disaster strikes and until all information is lost and impossible to restore before many will understand how important backups are.  Many of us will have experienced the annoyance of losing our work by closing a document without saving – imagine how this would impact your business if you lost everything your company had been working on, including all of your saved files – what would you do?   How long would it take to get your business back up and running? 

A robust solution, and one that we would recommend, is backing up all of your company data to a data centre.  A data centre provides a secure location away from your premises to store all your company data and important files.  By having your business information stored offsite in our data centre you can be assured that if a disaster was to happen your data is safe and can be restored easily allowing your business to get back on its feet quickly. 

At David Allen IT Solutions News we offer bespoke backup packages to businesses.  Whether you are a large company with multiple servers, or a small business with only a handful of computers, we will find a package that suits you and your individual business needs.  No matter how big your business is or how much data you have we can ensure it is secure in our hands.

For more information on our data centre or to learn more about other ways you can back up your company data contact one of our IT experts on 01228 711888 or email

Posted: July 21st, 2015

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