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The Importance of Data Backup

In a perfect world we would never have to worry about computers failing, nor would we have to worry about natural disasters.  However, we don’t live in a perfect world so it is vital that you backup your computer data regularly.

We all appreciate that computers and their components have a limited lifespan and eventually need replaced, however we don’t have a crystal ball and we don’t know when this will happen; if we did it would be too easy.  Sooner or later every business or individual will be faced with upgrading their computer to a newer model but what impact will this have on your business?  Is your biggest threat the loss or corruption of your data?

Why do I lose data because of file corruptions?

There are many reasons why data may be lost or corrupted, and not all are easily fixed.  When data loss or corruption occurs, often the only solution available is to restore the data from a previous backup to ensure your losses are minimal.

What options for backup do I have?

There are many options available for storing and backing up data.  Common solutions are tape drives, CD’s and DVDs.  Portable USB memory sticks and external hard disk drives also provide another convenient form of data backup.

There are also several remote backup sites available on the internet.  The big advantage of this service is safe off-site storage and ease of access.  However, this service does come at a price and most users and small businesses will find the cost of such a service unattractive.

More recently, Network Attached Storage or NAS devices are gaining in popularity as they become more affordable.  NAS systems are network devices which contain one or more hard drives and provide data storage services to PC’s on the same network.  The main disadvantage of a NAS is that it often remains located in the same building as the PC’s so if there were to be a fire or a flood for example, there is a strong possibility that the NAS will also be destroyed along with the data it contains.

Backup plan

How often you backup, depends on the type of work you are doing and how quickly the files on your system become outdated.  A business that depends on the data on a PC or server may need to backup more regularly than a home user.   You will also need to decide if your backups should be stored on site or off site.  In the case that a natural disaster strikes, off site backups could be a life saver.

There are many reasons why you might suddenly find yourself without your data.  The best way to be sure that your data loss is minimal is to back it up now.

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Posted: November 3rd, 2011

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