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The importance of the spam filter

DAvid Allen

Constantly receiving spam emails is not only be frustrating but they can also be a security risk to your computer systems.  This is due to an increasing number of spam emails containing viruses or other harmful malware.

Setting up a spam filter will help to reduce the amount of spam emails coming through to your mail server whilst still allowing legitimate emails to come through to your inbox.  However, if you are still worried about any potential for genuine emails to get caught in your spam filter, then you can set up a daily report which lists all of the emails caught in your filter.  These reports can also give you the opportunity to recover any legitimate emails your spam filter has caught and send them on to your inbox safely.

Your spam filter will not just help to reduce the amount of junk emails entering your inbox, but it will also give you the ability to see what emails coming in to your business and monitor which email addresses receive the most spam.  An effective spam filter will allow you to see the exact times you receive spam emails meaning you can identify any trends, or repeat offenders, which could indicate whether there are any spam domains you should be blocking from being able to contact you altogether.

Spam emails can put your business’ computer systems at risk through viruses hidden in attachments or links in the body of the email.  These viruses may not be obvious, and often the spammer will try and trick users into opening the email to gain access to the computer system which puts your valuable data at risk.  By implementing the right spam filter for you and your business, you can help to protect yourself by reducing, or even eliminating, the spam emails your team receive.

At David Allen IT Solutions News we will implement the right spam filter for your business, keeping your systems safe and stopping those pesky spam emails from ruining your day!  Contact our experts today on 01228 711888 or email to see how we can help you.

Posted: September 25th, 2015