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The New Outlook App

Microsoft Outlook is the standard, yet powerful, email software that is primarily used on desktop computers and laptops.  Outlook haven’t had a complete app for accessing emails on the go, but recently that has all changed…

The new Outlook app has been a great success with many people downloading it onto their smart phones and tablets, giving them easy access to their emails whilst on the move.

The new app has many great features such as:  

Multiple email accounts
You are able to access a number of email accounts such as Microsoft Exchange,, Yahoo, Google, or iCloud though the Outlook app.

Focused inbox
If you are a person who receives a lot of emails daily, be they important emails or spam, this app is perfect for you as it is a “clever thinker”.  The app will only notify you of an email that it deems important meaning you will not be inundated with email notifications.  The app also sorts emails in to two different categories – focused and other. Each of these categories has their own inbox, helping you filter out the important stuff from the junk!

The calendar is a great feature within the app.  Unlike other programmes that have the calendar and email as separate functions outlook is fully integrated.  So, rather than having to close one application to view the other, you simply swipe to quickly hop between your emails and your calendar.

File Attachment
This feature lists any recent attachments that you have received via email meaning that not only are things easy to find, but they are simple to forward on to your contacts or save to your device.

This tab brings up all the people that you have had recent correspondence with, including their email addresses, giving you instant access to get in touch.

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Posted: February 23rd, 2015

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