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Tip of the week – Avoid bad debt with credit control procedures

You need to have a credit control system in place to keep track of invoices which are either awaiting payment or are overdue.  A timetable and diary system to flag up overdue invoices should be put in place helping you to remind customers of their overdue invoices.  A statement, telephone call or a letter could be used on set dates.  By using a diary you are able to state the day when the invoice becomes overdue, diarise seven days after that date etc.

A telephone call is the most effective tool for credit control as the customer cannot avoid it meaning you get to speak to them directly about the matter in hand, which often yields greater results.  Speak to the person responsible for authorising payment as they should know exactly what you are referring to.  Remember to be polite and professional when making calls, you will not get anywhere being aggressive.

You need to stick with your procedures and make sure they are being used by everyone.

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Posted: August 19th, 2014

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