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Tip of the week – Landlords, get things in order from the start

There are a number of things we would recommend all landlords ensure are in order before renting a property out.  Below are a few of our top tips:

Make sure your mortgage company and insurer know that you intend to let your property as there may be restrictions on your mortgage and insurance.

You should ask prospective tenants for a reference from a former landlord, this will let you know if it would be risky letting to them.

Agree an inventory with your tenant at the start of the tenancy.  If there is any dispute at the end of the tenancy over the return of the deposit then this should make things easier.

Have a written tenancy agreement setting out how long the tenancy is for, the rent amount, how it will be paid, and all the terms that each party is responsible for.  If you require any help with preparing a tenancy agreement we can assist you.

Make sure the tenant has your contact details so if there are any problems you are notified quickly.  Deal with any problems promptly; this will keep the relationship on good terms.

These tips are aimed at keeping both you and your tenant happy; however in some cases tips alone will not be enough.  Remember we are here to support you so if you need any more information contact us today on 01228 713070.  

Posted: September 24th, 2014

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