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Top tips to beat cyber crime

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Security of your IT systems is a top priority for David Allen IT Solutions.  With the number of reports across the media sharing actual fraud cases continuing to grow, businesses need to be vigilant.  Thankfully it’s not all doom and gloom as fraud attacks can be prevented with a little investment in some key areas:

  • staff knowledge
  • security solutions
  • regular reviews and updates

Staff knowledge

Educating your staff in cyber security is one way to reduce threats to your organisation.  We have seen various instances where a telephone call is received reporting to be from a bank or perhaps a large IT firm such as Microsoft.  These bogus calls often request access to either your computer, or ask for some details from you which would then allow them to commit fraud.  All staff should be educated to ask some simple questions on receipt of such a call.

  • Verify the exact company the caller is calling from.
  • Request that the company call back with contact details.
  • Verify that these details are from the company they purport to be.

Such questioning will help identify fraudsters and reduce the number of instances whereby these kind of scams are successfully carried out.

Emails reporting to ‘wire money’ to an account are becoming very sophisticated.  Social engineering is used to track potential targets and, from there, emails to employers, suppliers or businesses they deal with seem really very valid.  Such requests could put your business at risk, so it is extremely important to educate your staff not to respond or act upon these phone calls or emails without first investigating the request.

Banks are trying to reduce the number of fraud attacks occurring by communicating warnings such as the following:


We have been notified of a potential ‘IT fraud’ whereby customers are contacted by a third party who has an email address very similar to ours impersonating one of our staff.  They then notify you that our bank details have changed and request future payments to be sent to new bank details.  The new bank details are not our account.

Please be aware we will never contact you by email notifying of a change of bank details without first notifying you in writing and also by telephone.  We have no plans to change our banking arrangements.

Should you be contacted by anyone (even if they appear to be from someone you know in our office) requesting you to send money to a different account other than that showing on your invoice, please notify us by telephone immediately.

Security solutions

Preventing fraudulent contact with your employees is crucial to preventing successful scams and fraudulent attacks taking place across your business.

At David Allen IT Solutions we can provide a number of software solutions to businesses to minimise the risk of fraud attacks.

Web control allows us to lock down an employee’s access to potential harmful websites through your business computers.  Antispam solutions can prevent fraudulent emails from ever reaching an employee’s inbox.  In one week in June 2016, 27.9% of emails addressed to our clients were spam messages – that’s over 6,000 potentially destructive emails blocked in one week through effective software!

Our antivirus solutions are designed for businesses.  We know that some businesses install free antivirus solutions, or simply rely on luck – hoping that viruses, Trojan or malware will not reach their computers.  However, when we install our solutions, 9 out of 10 times we will find viruses already resident on these systems.  Our software immediately cleans these up, and then prevents against viruses in the future.

Our antivirus software is also available for Android phones.  Staff who bring mobile devices into work and use your corporate wifi can introduce threats to your business.  Protecting these with mobile security solutions closes yet another door to potential fraudsters.

Regular reviews and updates

Our team at David Allen IT Solutions are always looking at implementing the latest technologies to ensure we’re up to date with the latest security threats and trends.

We are accredited to assess your business for Cyber Essentials certification.  Businesses with Cyber Essentials accreditation in place have reduced the risk of cyber crime and fraud significantly across their business by mitigating or partially mitigating 99% of common threats.

Cyber Essentials certification requires an annual review of your systems.  However, many more maintenance updates should be scheduled for your computer systems.  Our antivirus software for example updates several times each day, keeping the software up to date with the very latest virus definitions.  Our patch management software ensures that third party programs such as Adobe and Java are kept up to date as well as all the vital Windows updates you would expect to receive.  All of these routine updates are automated to ensure that none are missed and they are applied in a timely manner when released by the software vendors to ensure that your business is always fully protected with the latest security technology.

Take the time to benefit from your FREE IT review to ensure your business is protected against security risks.  Call our team today on 01228 711888.

Posted: April 6th, 2017

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