Top Tips Every PC User Should Know
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Top Tips Every PC User Should Know

For many people, computers have become an indispensable part of our daily lives.  We rely on them for communication, work or for simply getting information from the Internet.  So what basic information should you be aware of?

  • Beware of malicious downloads – Most infections need to be activated by someone and the virus usually requires you to download and run an application from a malicious website or as an e-mail attachment.  Before installing a new application, you should consider the potential risks. Do you really need this new application and do you trust the author?
  • Uncheck the boxes before you install – Want a totally worthless toolbar added to your browser?  No… then uncheck the box for that option before you install updates. Lots of applications give you the option of installing search toolbars and other add-ons.  Some install the uninvited extras by default unless you un-check a box saying you don't want them.  Not only is each add-on another thing that your PC needs to load, but you have no idea what kind of data it could be sending out onto the Internet. 
  • Uninstall your old apps –  If you regularly download and install new apps from the Internet, you should get in the habit of pruning your collection every now and then. To do so, open the Programs and Features control panel or Add/Remove Programs, scroll through the list, and click Uninstall to remove items you no longer want.  The less stuff you have on your PC, the fewer things there are to go wrong.
  • Manage your power settings – If you're using a laptop, you'll want to know how to change your power settings so you don’t waste the battery when you need to conserve it and it doesn't go to sleep at an inconvenient moment.  Open the Power Options control panel, and choose from among several presets containing different configurations for when you're plugged in and when you're mobile–or feel free to create your own.
  • Record the exact error message – When your PC crashes, it will usually try to tell you why it is doing so (albeit with a string of numbers and letters that most people probably won’t understand).  Write the message down (or take a screenshot, if possible) so you can later type it into Google or give David Allen IT Solutions a call on 01228 711888 for assistance.

Posted: September 12th, 2012