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11 tricks for speeding up your business internet

10 tricks for speeding up your business internet

The tech team from David Allen IT Solutions offers some advice for improving the internet speeds at your business.


A business is only as good as its internet connection…  And if yours isn’t fast enough to handle your business needs, productivity will suffer.

Here are some ideas for diagnosing problems with business internet speeds and ensuring your staff have access to an efficient network:


1. Do a speed test.

By measuring the speed of your broadband, you can better understand what your company internet’s current upload and download speeds are. Visit Speed Test to find out what speed you have available.

2. Identify problematic devices.

Monitoring systems can be put onto business-grade routers to detect which devices on your network are using too much bandwidth. Once you identify any problematic machines and address the issues, you could be in a much better position.

3. Ensure your antivirus is up to date.

Viruses, adware and spyware could be taking up precious bandwidth as they gather information on you and slow down your computer – that why it’s important to check you’ve got decent antivirus protection that is regularly monitoring, updating and performing a full system scan each week.

4. Separate guest and business traffic.

Guest traffic can then be throttled to only use a small amount of the business bandwidth, which will help provide a faster connection for both guests at your business premises and your staff.

5. Set frequencies more effectively.

Most routers offer two Wi-Fi bands in order to send two network signals:  2.4GHz and 5GHz. You can use either of these, but the 5GHz frequency is less crowded and offers more channels than 2GHz. We’d usually recommend setting all computers, laptops and smart TVs to the 5GHz network, with smartphones and tablets on 2GHz for the best usage. Try a heatmapping tool.

6. Consider switching providers.

The provider you use for your internet connection is really important: poor quality providers will provider poor quality, slow broadband with high latency. Simply moving to a quality internet provider can improve performace dramatically. At David Allen IT, we only use quality business providers.

7. Find weak spots.

You can detect areas that have weaker signal by downloading a heatmap tool onto your smartphone or tablet, and then walking around the premises to gauge signal strength. Then you can determine if you need Wi-Fi extenders or to move things around.

8. Update your router.

Older model routers may be operating at slow Wi-fi speeds, so although your internet speed may be decent, you may be limited by the Wi-fi speed of your router. Upgrading to a new buinsess-grade router and business-grade Wi-fi solution can help you get the most from your existing internet bandwidth.

9. Monitor music streaming and downloads.

If there are multiple staff streaming Spotify on your network, it could be taking up all of the bandwidth.

10. Run updates outside of office hours.

Manage your Windows updates to be scheduled out of working hours to preserve bandwidth. Rather than choose between bandwith and security, you should schedule or manually update programs when you need to at a time that suits you.

11. Switch to a modern browser.

If you’re still using the web browsing software that came with your computer years ago, switching is a must – the newest generation of browsers are faster and more secure.



If this is all a bit too complicated or time consuming to deal with, contact our IT team. We work with businesses of all sizes and industries to ensure your business needs are met with the fastest and most cost-effective technology.

We can assess all aspects of your IT infrastructure to ensure that it meets your needs and expectations.

With no hidden costs, no jargon or technical compromise, we guarantee that you will receive the best of service from our team of experts.





Posted: May 21st, 2018

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