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UK cyber attacks increase: has your business been hacked?


Hundreds of UK businesses have experienced financial losses over the last year due to an increase in cyber attacks, and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned that many businesses still don’t have adequate security measures in place.

Last year, 34 significant cyber attacks and 762 minor cyber attacks impacted UK businesses, according to The cyber threat to UK business 2017-2018 report which was recently published.

The report warns that many organisations still don’t follow basic cyber security measures. It states that most cyber attacks – which often didn’t involve very advanced techniques – could have been prevented.

And in many instances, companies may not be aware that they’ve been targeted and could be operating with malware running ‘in the background.’

Businesses of all sizes have been vulnerable to cyber attack, especially ones using poor data storage techniques and insecure systems.

Manufacturing companies, in particular, are being targeted, with over 80 manufacturing plants being attacked already this year.

In a recent survey, almost half of manufacturers said they’d experienced a cyber security incident, and around half also suffered financial loss.

Protecting your business from cyber threats

The biggest threats companies face are data breaches, ransomware attacks and supply chain threats.

Some ways that you can protect yourself from cyber attack:

  • use business-grade antivirus and security software
  • deploy managed firewalls & boundary gateways to prevent intrusion/hackers
  • implement secure managed wireless networks that don’t allow guests onto your corporate network. implement application whitelisting technologies to prevent malware running on hosts
  • deploy critical security patches as soon as possible
  • conduct regular vulnerability scans and action critical results
  • use up-to-date and supported operating systems and software
  • deploy critical security patches as soon as possible
  • perform regular vulnerability assessments against both internal and external services
  • use multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive information
  • ensure that all services are protected by strict authentication and authorisation controls
  • use password managers to help prevent password reuse between systems
  • partner with a trusted IT solutions company who can manage your business IT security

If your organisation suffers from a cyber attack, you could face downtime, loss of reputation and/or financial loss.

Businesses that don’t comply with IT security basics will also face a higher risk of being fined this May, with new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect.

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Posted: April 23rd, 2018

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